Employment Exchange| Tamil Nadu’s Tnvelaivaaippu Portal Login, Eligibility, Employment Card

The Indian Employment Exchange is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at simplifying the hiring process, with a special emphasis on the unorganized sectors of the Indian job market. It serves as a comprehensive solution to address various employment-related challenges.

Such as:

  • Streamlining Hiring: The Indian Employment Exchange aims to streamline the hiring process, making it more efficient and accessible for both job seekers and employers.
  • Unorganized Sectors: Special focus is placed on the unorganized sectors of the economy, where employment opportunities may be less structured. This initiative seeks to bridge the gap in these sectors.
  • One-Stop Solution: It serves as a one-stop solution for all employment-related issues, catering to the needs of job seekers, employers, and skill training providers.
  • Nationwide Platform: The initiative intends to create a nationwide platform where job seekers, employers, and skill training providers can connect, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.


The mission of the Indian Employment Exchange is articulated as follows:

  • Data Collection and Updates: Continuously gather and update data on job seekers across the entire country, even in the remotest areas.
  • National Employment Opportunities: Make available the full spectrum of employment opportunities across the nation to job seekers, transcending geographical barriers.
  • National Employment Exchange: Create a pioneering national employment exchange that connects job seekers with job opportunities nationwide.


The vision of the Indian Employment Exchange encompasses the following aspects:

  • Employment Facilitation: Facilitate employment for a significant portion of the unemployed population in India across various segments and industries.
  • Bridging the Gap: Bridge the gap between job seekers and employers, ensuring that the right people are matched with the right job opportunities.
  • Skill Enhancement: Connect individuals seeking skill enhancement and training with suitable training providers.
  • National Platform: Establish the first-ever “NATIONAL PLATFORM OF EMPLOYMENT” in the non-government sector, serving as a central hub for employment-related activities and interactions.

Tamil Nadu’s Tnvelaivaaippu Portal:

The Tamil Nadu government has taken a significant step in supporting its unemployed youth by launching the Tnvelaivaaippu portal. Introduced in 2013, this online platform has revolutionized the way job seekers find employment opportunities within the state. Gone are the days of lengthy visits to employment offices; now, candidates can conveniently apply for jobs through the Tnvelaivaaippu online portal.

Job Notifications at Your Fingertips:

Tnvelaivaaippu regularly publishes a comprehensive list of job openings on the official website of the Department of Employment and Training, Government of Tamil Nadu. These notifications include detailed information about job vacancies across various sectors, complete with the names of recruiting companies and application deadlines. If you’re eager to explore opportunities, you can access the vacancies listed for January-February 2022 directly through our provided link.

Objective: Empowering Tamil Nadu’s Youth

At its core, the Tnvelaivaaippu portal is designed to empower the unemployed youth of Tamil Nadu. Launched on September 15th, 2013, by the Former Deputy Chief Minister, M.K. Stalin, the portal’s primary objective is to provide a straightforward and accessible way for job seekers to register for employment in the state.

Seamless Access to Opportunities

The portal bridges the gap between job seekers and opportunities in both the government and private sectors. Job seekers can effortlessly register, update their profiles, and even renew their applications, all through the user-friendly interface of Tnvelaivaaippu. Moreover, the portal goes beyond job listings, promoting employability through vocational guidance, ensuring candidates are well-prepared for their chosen careers.

Employment Card for a Brighter FutureTnvelaivaaippu Validity:

Upon successful registration and application verification, eligible job seekers receive a valuable Tnvelaivaaippu employment card. This card holds a three-year validity from the date of issue. It’s essential to keep this card up-to-date by renewing it when it expires, ensuring continued access to the portal’s services and benefits.

In a bid to empower job seekers in Tamil Nadu, the state government introduced the Tnvelaivaaippu portal. This innovative platform, launched in 2013, streamlines the job application process for positions within the state. Unlike traditional methods, candidates no longer need to visit employment offices in person. Instead, they can easily apply through the user-friendly Tnvelaivaaippu online portal.

Tnvelaivaaippu Eligibility and Required Documents

To embark on your journey towards employment through the Tnvelaivaaippu portal, it’s crucial to meet certain eligibility criteria and have the necessary documents in order.

Here’s a breakdown of both:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Residence Requirement: Candidates applying for Tnvelaivaaippu must be residing citizens of Tamil Nadu. This means you need to have your primary residence in the state to qualify.
  • Educational Qualifications: The portal caters to a wide range of educational backgrounds, making it inclusive for various levels of qualification. Eligible candidates include those who have passed class 8th, High school, Intermediate, Undergraduate, or Post-graduation. It’s essential to have valid mark sheets to substantiate your educational qualifications.
  • Inclusive of Failed Candidates: Even if you have faced setbacks in your educational journey, don’t worry. Tnvelaivaaippu allows failed candidates to apply, giving them a chance to access employment opportunities.
  • Special Skills: The portal recognizes that skills go beyond formal education. If you possess special skills like typewriting, proficiency in multiple languages, driving, or any other unique skill set, you are eligible to register. This broadens the scope of opportunities for individuals with diverse talents.

Required Documents for Registration:

Before diving into the registration process, make sure you have the following documents ready. It’s important to note that all documents should be genuine and original. Providing false information can lead to the cancellation of your application.

  • Academic Marksheets: Depending on your educational background, ensure you have the relevant academic mark sheets to verify your qualifications.
  • Provisional Certificate (for graduates): If you hold a degree, a provisional certificate is necessary to demonstrate your educational achievement.
  • Caste Certificate (if applicable): If you belong to a specific caste category and have a caste certificate, keep it ready for submission.
  • Aadhar Card: This serves as a vital identity proof. Ensure you have a valid Aadhar card.
  • Domicile Certificate: To establish your residency in Tamil Nadu, a domicile certificate is required.
  • Experience Certificate (if applicable): If you have prior work experience, an experience certificate is essential to showcase your skills and expertise.
  • Residence Proof: Alongside the domicile certificate, another form of residence proof may be required. This could include utility bills, rental agreements, or other documents establishing your address.
  • Date of Birth Proof: Verify your age with an official document, such as a birth certificate.
  • Any Valid ID Proof: Options include Voter’s Card, Ration card, Passport, or any other government-issued ID that proves your identity.
  • Certificate Attested by Sarpanch/Municipal Counsellor: Depending on your application, certain certificates may need attestation by a local authority figure.
  • Passport Size Photographs: Keep a few passport-sized photographs handy for your application.

Tnvelaivaaippu Registration: How to Apply and Renew Your Application

To access the employment opportunities offered by Tnvelaivaaippu and maintain an active application, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Initial Registration:

  • Visit the official website of the Department of Employment and Training, Government of Tamil Nadu. https://tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in./
  • Look for the highlighted tab to access the “Employment Exchange Website.”
  • On the left side of the page, locate the “Exchange Login Details” section.
  • Click on the “Click here” link provided for “For new User ID Registration.”
  • A dialog box containing terms and conditions will appear. Carefully read and understand these guidelines.
  • Scroll down the page and click the “I agree” button located at the end of the terms and conditions.
  • After clicking “I agree,” a new page will be displayed, presenting the “Candidate Registration Form.” Fill in all the required details accurately and click the “Save” button to complete the registration.

Application Fee:

It’s important to note that there is no application fee for online registration with the Tamil Nadu Employment Exchange scheme, Tnvelaivaaippu.

Renewal of Application:

To ensure the continuity of your application and benefits, you can renew your Tnvelaivaaippu registration:

  • Visit the Employment Exchange Website.
  • Click on the “Renewal” link located under the “Exchange Login Details” section.
  • A new dialog box will appear. Log in using your username and password.
  • Follow the provided instructions to proceed with the renewal process.

Renewal Grace Period:

Tnvelaivaaippu offers a grace period of 18 months for candidates who forget to renew their applications after the expiration date. The expiration date is three years from the date of issue of the employment card. If a candidate fails to renew the application even after the grace period, their application or registration ID will lapse, rendering them ineligible for the benefits of the Tnvelaivaaippu employment scheme.

Updating Your Profile:

If you wish to update your profile with additional work experience or qualifications, you can do so by following these steps:

  • Visit the Employment Exchange Website.
  • Click on the “Update” link located under the “Exchange Login Details.”
  • Log in with your username and password.
  • Make the necessary changes and updates to your profile.

Logging into the Tnvelaivaaippu Portal: Accessing Your Account

Once you’ve successfully registered with Tnvelaivaaippu, you can easily log in to your account to explore job opportunities and manage your profile. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to log in:

Candidate Login:

  • Visit the official TN Employment Exchange Website https://tnvelaivaaippu.gov.in./
  • Look for the “Candidate Login” section.
  • Click on the “Click here” link provided for Candidate Login.
  • A dialog box named “Candidate Login” will appear on your screen.

In this login box, enter the following details:

  • User ID: Your User ID will be in the format of Exchange code/registration number, as provided on your ID.
  • Password: Your password will be your date of birth in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Once you have filled in these fields, click the “Login” or “Submit” button.
  • You will be logged in to your Tnvelaivaaippu account, where you can access various services and opportunities.

Recovering User ID and Password:

If you forget your User ID or password, don’t worry. You can recover them easily:

To recover User ID:

  • Follow the procedure for Candidate Login as mentioned above.
  • In the login dialog box, there is an option for recovering your User ID.
  • Fill in the details required, including your exchange code for the employment office you registered with, your gender, year of registration, and registration number.
  • Your automated User ID will appear in the User ID field of the form.

To recover the password:

  • On the left side of the Tnvelaivaaippu portal’s homepage, you will find a “Forgot Password” link.
  • Click on this link.
  • Fill in your User ID and date of birth in the provided fields.
  • Generate your new password and click the “Save” or “Submit” icon to confirm.

Support Helpdesk:

If you encounter any issues or have queries related to Tamil Nadu Velaivaaippu, you can reach out to the support helpdesk for assistance. Here are the contact details:

  • Phone Numbers: 044-22501002, 044-22500911, 044-22501006, or 044-22500900.
  • Email: You can also email your queries to emphelpdesk@tn.gov.in.

The support helpdesk is there to provide you with the necessary assistance and guidance to make your Tnvelaivaaippu experience smooth and effective. Whether you need help with login issues or have other inquiries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them.

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Tnvelaivaaippu stands as a beacon of hope for job seekers in Tamil Nadu, revolutionizing the job search process. Through this portal, individuals can navigate a wealth of employment opportunities, update their skills, and access a range of employment-related services. Say goodbye to long queues and welcome a new era of convenience and efficiency in job hunting.

Employment Exchange- FAQs

1. Can I register with more than one Employment Exchange simultaneousl

Yes, in most cases, you can register with multiple Employment Exchanges. However, it’s essential to understand that your registration may be tied to a specific geographic area or jurisdiction. So, if you intend to move or look for jobs in different regions, you may need to register with the relevant Employment Exchanges in those areas.

2.Do Employment Exchanges provide job placements directly?

Employment Exchanges primarily serve as intermediaries between job seekers and employers by facilitating the job matching process. They collect and maintain databases of job seekers and vacancies, but job placements often depend on the skills, qualifications, and preferences of job seekers and the specific requirements of employers. Employment Exchanges can provide job referrals and job notifications but may not guarantee placements.

3.Are Employment Exchanges only for government jobs?

No, Employment Exchanges list both government and private sector job opportunities. While they are often associated with government jobs, they also collaborate with private companies and organizations to promote employment opportunities in the private sector. Job seekers can find listings for various types of jobs, including those in the private industry.

4.Do I need to visit the Employment Exchange in person to register?

Many Employment Exchanges now offer online registration facilities, reducing the need for in-person visits. You can check the specific procedures and registration options available at your local Employment Exchange. Online registration provides convenience and accessibility for job seekers.

5.What types of support services do Employment Exchanges offer beyond job listings?

Employment Exchanges may offer additional services such as career counseling, job fairs, vocational training, and guidance on resume writing and interview preparation. These services aim to enhance the employability of job seekers and help them secure suitable employment.