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The Haryana Government has introduced the Saral Haryana Portal, a revolutionary platform offering a wide array of government services and information about state-run initiatives. This initiative aims to streamline the delivery of services and provide citizens with a one-stop solution for all their government-related needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the portal’s registration process, its key objectives, and the multitude of benefits it offers.

The Objective of Saral Haryana Portal:

The Saral Haryana Portal is a remarkable initiative by the Haryana Government aimed at transforming governance through digitization. At its core, the objective of this portal is to usher in an era of digital accessibility for government services and programs, benefiting the citizens of the state.

The Saral Haryana Portal serves as a centralized hub for over 520 government schemes and services. By digitizing the process, citizens can conveniently access essential services like dairy loans, ration cards, pensions, and more. Additionally, citizens can download relevant documents in PDF format. The portal also allows for online application submissions, status tracking, and browsing of various schemes and services.

Let’s delve into the key objectives and aspirations behind the Saral Haryana Portal.

  • Digitizing Government Services: The primary aim of the portal is to digitize and streamline the functioning of various government departments. By doing so, it seeks to provide easy and efficient access to government schemes and services for the residents of Haryana.
  • Advancing Digital India: The Saral Haryana Portal aligns with the Digital India initiative, embracing a paperless and cashless service delivery model. It promotes the use of digital platforms to enhance accessibility, transparency, and efficiency in government operations.
  • Enhancing Communication: This portal serves as a bridge between the state government and its citizens, fostering better communication. It enables residents to interact with government departments, apply for services, and track their applications with ease.
  • Accelerating Approvals: One of the key benefits of the Saral Haryana Portal is its ability to expedite the approval process for various applications. By reducing paperwork and streamlining processes, it ensures that benefits reach the people of Haryana swiftly.
  • Promoting Information Access: Beyond government services, the portal provides a wealth of information about Haryana’s history, economy, culture, and more. It serves as an educational resource, offering articles, videos, images, and interactive maps to enrich users’ knowledge about the state.
  • Celebrating Diversity: The Saral Haryana Portal is not just about services; it’s also a platform to celebrate the rich diversity and cultural heritage of Haryana. It aims to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation of the state’s unique characteristics among both residents and visitors.

In essence, the Saral Haryana Portal is a transformative step towards efficient governance and digital empowerment. It reflects the government’s commitment to serving its citizens better and advancing the vision of a Digital India. Through this portal, Haryana is embracing a future where accessibility, transparency, and efficiency are at the forefront of governance. Explore the Saral Haryana Portal and embark on a journey towards a more connected and informed state.

Benefits of the Saral Haryana Portal:

The Saral Portal Haryana is a game-changer, offering a wealth of advantages that revolutionize the way residents access government services and information.

  • Comprehensive Access: With over 380 services available, the Saral Portal ensures that Haryana residents have access to a wide array of government programs and services. From the comfort of their homes, citizens can explore and apply for various schemes.
  • Convenience Redefined: Say goodbye to long queues and physical visits to government offices. The Saral Portal streamlines the process, making it convenient and efficient to apply for programs and services online, saving valuable time and effort.
  • Real-time Tracking: Stay in the know with live tracking of application status, services, and schemes. The portal provides transparency, allowing residents to monitor the progress of their applications.
  • Bridging the Gap: The Saral Portal fosters transparency and direct communication between the Haryana government and its citizens. It simplifies interactions, making it easier for residents to access support and information.
  • Universal Accessibility: This portal is a boon for everyone, enabling seamless application for any scheme. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, or pensioner, Saral Portal Haryana is your one-stop solution.
  • Information Hub: Beyond services, the portal serves as a treasure trove of knowledge. Explore a diverse range of articles, videos, and podcasts covering topics like health, finance, and careers. It equips you with valuable tips and tricks for efficient web navigation.
  • Expert Insights: Tap into expert advice and guidance on various subjects. Saral Portal Haryana is your trusted resource for staying updated and informed about Haryana’s latest news, developments, and benefits.
  • Effortless Review: Dive deep into program specifics effortlessly. Whether you’re researching a scheme or seeking detailed information, the portal provides a user-friendly platform to review all the details you need.

Empowering Citizens Through the Saral Haryana Portal:

With the introduction of the Saral Haryana Portal, the state government is taking a giant leap towards digitizing public services. This innovative platform not only simplifies access but also ensures that citizens have all the necessary resources at their fingertips. By centralizing government schemes and services, citizens can now enjoy a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Visit today and unlock a world of opportunities without the need for multiple portal visits. Embrace the future of public service accessibility with the Saral Haryana Portal

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beneficiaryCitizens of Haryana State

The Services provided by the Saral Portal Haryana:

  • New Ration Card: Streamlining access to essential food supplies.
  • Marriage Registration: Simplifying the registration of marriages.
  • Micronutrient Fertilizers: Supporting agriculture with essential fertilizers.
  • New Electricity Connection: Facilitating access to electricity connections.
  • Dealer Point Registration: Streamlining the registration process for business dealers.
  • Old Age Honor Allowance: Offering financial support to elderly citizens.
  • Dr. Ambedkar Meritorious Student Scheme: Recognizing and rewarding exceptional students.
  • Address Proof: Facilitating identity verification and official communication.
  • Income Certificate: Simplifying the process of obtaining income certificates.
  • Cycle Plan: Promoting eco-friendly transportation.
  • Rural Development Department: Driving development initiatives in rural areas.
  • Revenue Department: Handling land records and revenue administration.
  • Agriculture Department: Supporting agriculture and crop development.
  • Women and Child Development Department: Advocating for women and children’s welfare.
  • Renewable Energy Department: Promoting the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Public Relations Department: Disseminating information to the public.
  • Animal Husbandry and Dairying: Supporting livestock and dairy farming.
  • Board of School Education Haryana: Ensuring quality education.
  • Sainik and Artha Sainik Welfare Department: Providing support to armed forces and veterans.
  • Welfare of SC/ST and BC: Ensuring equal opportunities for marginalized communities.
  • Urban Local Body: Enhancing urban governance.
  • Sports and Youth Affairs: Encouraging sports and youth engagement.
  • Social Justice and Empowerment: Promoting social inclusion and empowerment.
  • Department of Science and Technology: Driving innovation and technological progress.
  • Building and Other Construction Workers (BOCW) Board: Safeguarding the rights and entitlements of construction laborers.
  • Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam-DHBVN: Ensuring a seamless supply of electricity in Southern Haryana.
  • Development and Panchayats Department: Spearheading rural development, uplifting Haryana’s villages.
  • Directorate of MSME: Fueling economic growth and job creation by supporting micro, small, and medium enterprises.
  • Haryana Shehari Vikas Pradhikaran: Transforming and developing urban areas in Haryana’s cities and towns.
  • Haryana Housing Board: Providing affordable housing solutions tailored to citizens’ needs.
  • Town and Country Planning: Ensuring planned and sustainable urban development.
  • Tourism Department: Promoting Haryana’s beauty, culture, and heritage.

Registering and Navigating Saral Portal Haryana:

The Saral Portal in Haryana is a user-friendly platform designed to streamline access to government services. It enables citizens to effortlessly register, manage, and avail themselves of various Haryana government services online.

How to Register on the Saral Haryana Portal:

To make use of the Saral Haryana Portal, citizens need to complete a straightforward online registration process. Once registered, they gain access to the services and information right from their homes.

Registration and Login:

  • Visit the Official Website: Begin your journey by visiting the Saral Portal Haryana’s official website at
  • New User Registration: On the homepage, locate the “New User Registration Here” option below the login form.
  • Complete the Registration Form: Fill in essential details such as your state, full name, email address, and mobile phone number. After entering the information, click the “Validate” button.
  • Login: Return to the homepage and enter your user ID, password, and captcha code in the login form. Click “Submit” to log in.

Online Application Tracking:

  • Visit the Official Website: Start by visiting the Saral Portal Haryana’s official website.
  • Access Tracking: Click on the “Track Application Online” link on the homepage.
  • Provide Details: Enter the department, service, and application reference ID on the new page.
  • Check Status: Click the link to check the status, and the application status will be displayed.

Online Ticket Tracking:

  • Visit the Official Website: Begin by visiting the official Saral Portal Haryana website.
  • Track Tickets: Select the “Track Ticket Online” link on the homepage.
  • Enter Details: Provide necessary information, including the ticket number, search text, and captcha code.
  • Retrieve Status: Click the “Search” button to view the status of your ticket.

Viewing Scheme/Services List:

  • Visit the Saral Portal Haryana Website: Start by visiting the Saral Portal Haryana’s official website.
  • Access Scheme/Services List: Click on the “Scheme/Services List” option on the homepage.
  • Explore: A new page will display a list of available schemes and services.

Obtaining Information on Schemes and Services:

  • Visit the Saral Portal Haryana Website: Head to the Saral Portal Haryana’s official website.
  • Search for Information: Select the “Search Schemes/Services” link on the homepage.
  • Enter Details: Enter relevant keywords, department, and scheme/service information.
  • Discover: Click “Search” to access related information.

Checking Application Status via SMS:

For application status updates through SMS, send ‘Saral’ to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number. Alternatively, send ‘Saral [Application ID/Ticket No]’ to 7738299899 to inquire about a specific application.

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Accessing the Performance Dashboard:

  • Visit the Official Website: Begin by visiting the Saral Portal Haryana’s official website.
  • Performance Dashboard: Choose “Performance Dashboard” from the drop-down menu on the homepage.
  • Exploration: A new page will display the performance dashboard, providing valuable insights into various processes and statistics.

Navigating the Saral Portal Haryana has never been more convenient. With these step-by-step instructions, you can unlock a world of government services, information, and application tracking, all from the comfort of your home. Explore the portal, stay informed, and make the most of the digital age’s convenience.

Services Provided for Real Estate:

The Saral Haryana portal goes beyond departmental coverage; it offers an impressive array of real estate services, making it a one-stop destination for individuals and businesses in the sector. Some of the notable services include:

  • Online Application for Building Plan Approval: Simplifying the process of obtaining building plan approvals, the portal allows you to apply online, saving time and reducing paperwork.
  • Online Tracking of Property-related Applications: Stay in the loop with real-time tracking of property-related applications. You can monitor the progress of your applications conveniently.

The Saral Haryana portal is a catalyst for transformation in the real estate sector. By digitizing and streamlining processes, it has eliminated the complexities associated with accessing government services. This monumental shift has made it easier than ever for individuals and businesses to navigate the intricate world of real estate in Haryana.

SARAL Haryana Help Line:

For queries and grievances, the Saral Haryana portal stands ready to assist:

  • Helpline: 0172-3968400 (Operational: 7 am to 8 pm; Monday to Saturday, except government holidays)
  • Email:

Saral Portal Haryana- FAQs

  1. What is Saral Portal Haryana?
    • Saral Portal Haryana is an online platform launched by the Haryana state government to provide easy access to a wide range of government services and schemes for the residents of Haryana. It aims to simplify the process of availing government services and eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices.
  2. What services can I access through Saral Portal Haryana?
    • Saral Portal Haryana offers access to over 380 government services and schemes, covering various departments. These services include applying for ration cards, income certificates, marriage registration, electricity connections, and more. It provides a one-stop platform for a wide range of government-related needs.
  3. How can I track the status of my application on Saral Portal Haryana?
    • You can easily track the status of your application on Saral Portal Haryana by visiting the portal’s official website and using the “Track Application Status” feature. Simply enter the required details, and you’ll get real-time updates on your application’s progress.
  4. Is Saral Portal Haryana available 24/7?
    • Yes, Saral Portal Haryana is accessible 24/7, allowing residents to apply for services and access information at any time convenient to them. This flexibility ensures that you can use the portal at your convenience.
  5. Is there a helpline or contact information for assistance with Saral Portal Haryana?
    • Yes, there is a helpline available for Saral Portal Haryana. You can contact the portal for queries and assistance at 0172-3968400. The helpline operates from 7 am to 8 pm, Monday to Saturday, except on government holidays. You can also reach out via email at for further support and information.